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Biomedical Physics – University of Toronto

Biomedical Physics combines fundamental courses in physics, mathematics, chemistry, and biology together with specialized courses in biological physics. This new program has been introduced in response to the growing demand for specialists with physics background in the areas of biology and medicine. Are you interested in understanding how the building blocks of biology, such as proteins, DNA and RNA, fit together and interact to form the living world around us? Maybe you would like to build an instrument that can rapidly identify blood-borne infections or diagnose and track the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Perhaps you’re interested in programming a computer to figure out the ideal way for a drug to target and attack a cancer cell. These are some of the challenges that Biomedical physicists tackle every day.

Honours Bachelor of Science
Program Options:

After completing your first year, you'll be asked to confirm what program(s) you wish to study – your Programs of Study. They can be integrated in unique ways to obtain your U of T degree, but must be one of the following three combinations: one Specialist; or two Majors; or one Major and two Minors.

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